Mustela Breed and Trade
Come here to breed your mustela with someone else's. Trade your mustelas with someone else. Trade your mustela egg with someone else. This group is to expand your mustela gene pool. All for no credits! (This group was created 9/2/12)
Member Count: 1523

1. No begging.
2. No sales except for in the Paid Users forum.
3. You may give your mustela or their eggs away, but you cannot ask for them without offering a trade.
4. No cussing! If you wouldn't say it at church or in school, don't say it here!
5. No spamming random things (Please like my pet posts are okay but no random pictures or unrelated posts.)
6. No recruitment posts! Any recruitment posts will be immediately deleted. (This means no advertising groups.)

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If we like your post, that means we approve of it. We may not get to everyone's post - especially when we get more members, but we will try. ;)

We will be keeping track of those who do not follow these rules! If you have broken a rule, you will be given a warning. If you continue to break rules, you will be removed from the group.