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Home of the first 5x pure Pacos, Hematite, Double Gem, and Amethyst!

I am a pure and gem line creator. Current projects: Actively working on way too many projects and putting mutations on finished pure/gems.

Current mood: Migraine

Read my rules before sending a friend request!

My females are now available for breed but you MUST follow my rules for them.

Started Ovi on 4/18/12

Before you judge how much I charge for one of my pures, go ahead and give pure line making a try. It's not easy and it's not cheap. It is also very time consuming. However I love the challenge!

100% researched. I provide services for all species!

★NO I WON'T JOIN YOUR GROUP AND SAY YOU RECRUITED ME! STOP ASKING!★!/?usr=38836 Made my egg ninja banners:)